AI Micron ensures the delivery of high quality and reliable products to customers by implementing a strict and comprehensive reliability testing program.

AI Micron utilizes third-party testing resources with qualified qualifications to conduct reliability testing in strict accordance with the AEC-Q100 standard and provides reliability test data to customers.

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Certification is in conformity with AEC-Q100 GRADE 2

Mean Time To Failures (MTTF) and Timing Failures

In the AEC Q-100 report, you can find the average Mean Time To Failures (MTTF) and Timing Failures data for various products.

Mean Time To Failures (MTTF) Timing Failures Total Rejects Sample Size Confidence Level(%) Operation Temperature(°C) Stress Temperature (°C) Activation Energy(eV)
AIM955 74,000,000 13.39 0 240 60 40 125 0.7
AIM956 35,000,000 27.90 0 240 60 40 125 0.7

Moisture Sensitivity Level 

Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) defines the maximum duration that a product can safely be exposed to room temperature before high-temperature reflow soldering, meeting J-STD-020 level 3 standard, -245, 168 hours.

Product Shelf Life

The shelf life of a product depends on various factors such as the product materials, storage environment, moisture sensitivity level, and packaging method. AI Micron has already tested and proven with existing samples that the shelf life of the product is no less than three years when stored under the conditions specified by J-STD-020.